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Long-Term Strategy for Orderly Succession Planning
 (Exit Planning)

The two partners of a successful 25-year architecture firm recognized that, while they had no desire to exit the business in the near future, it would be prudent to begin laying the groundwork of succession […]

mergers and acquisitions, m&a

Board Room Decision-Making (Exit Planning)

A large Midwest ad agency with a complex ownership structure—consisting of silent partners who were members of the founder’s family—and a number of minority shareholders who comprised the agency’s senior management team and ran the […]

leadership transition

An Exit/Entrance Plan for Leadership Transition (Exit Planning)

The founder and equal partner of a top Midwestern PR firm was planning his well-deserved retirement after 40 years in the business and felt confident he was leaving the agency in the good hands of […]

ESOP management buyout

A Happy ESOP Fable (Exit Planning)

An owner of a business with a highly dedicated staff wanted to exit—and preferred to pass the torch to his management team and employees in recognition of their contribution to the company over the years. […]

exit plan

Which Way to the Exit Plan?

Agency owners thinking about selling or making an exit plan should first know and weigh all their options. No matter what conference you attend in the ad/PR industry, there is invariably buzz at the cocktail […]