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How Acquihires Help Break Barriers to Business Growth and Talent Acquisition

Increasing your business, by adding scale one person at a time or building teams with new skillsets from the ground up, is exceedingly costly in terms of time, money, and lost opportunity. Many firms have […]

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Forget Mr. Rogers and Get Real About Your Agency’s Uniqueness

What makes your agency “special”? Do your key differentiators really make you different from everyone else? This White Paper focuses a critical eye on the things that many agency owners think set them apart and […]


12 Elements of Earn-outs to Get M&A Deals Done on Your Terms

If you own a marketing services agency, when the time is right to sell, you most likely will be presented with deal structures that include earn-out provisions. In turn, if you have a buy and […]

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What’s Your Business Really Worth?

Valuing an agency is both art and science… and often a deep, dark mystery. After working with more than 125 businesses across the country, TobinLeff has gained some insight into the black box of determining […]

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10 Questions Buyers Will Ask When You Sell a Business

We have all learned from successes and experiences that to help get a sale closed, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the buyers and be prepared for the questions they may ask. Knowing […]

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What Is an Exit Plan, and Why Do I Need One?

Surveys indicate that most agency owners believe an Exit Plan is important, but still don’t have one. If that describes you, this White Paper will help you understand what an Exit Plan is and how […]

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Value Drivers to Increase Your Agency’s Value and Your Net Worth

Wondering how value drivers can convert your future exit into a bigger payday? This White Paper explains a core group of Value Driver principles and some specific strategic goals you can adopt today to increase […]

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Four Transactions that Built a New Agency (M&A, Exit Planning, Strategic Consulting)

The founding partner of a Midwest PR agency retained us to structure a plan for a partner buyout. The minority partner was eager to acquire controlling interest, but did not have the cash to fund […]

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Zero EBITDA = 70% Cash (M&A)

A 30-year old West Coast consulting firm with a prestige client list, ranging from blue-chip corporations to universities and government agencies, was seeking a buyer as an exit strategy for the firm’s founder, and to […]

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From an Inside to an Outside Deal (M&A, Exit Planning)

The founding partners of a well-established Mid-Atlantic branding and design firm asked for assistance with exit planning, hoping to pass the torch to their senior management team. After placing a value on the business, we […]