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No matter where you are in your business lifecycle, the time to start planning your succession is NOW


If you try to sell your business yourself, you won’t have time to run it… or have any fun

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Your exit plan is the single most important transaction of your business career


A good offer for your business may be just an opening bid


There’s a lot you can do today to build the value you want tomorrow

For nearly a decade, TobinLeff has been helping business owners plan for, create, and implement unique exit strategy business plans to monetize their life’s work. With over 150 successful engagements across the U.S., we assist throughout the mergers and acquisitions process, looking toward your future sale to outside buyers or internal staff, focusing on the following industries: marketing/advertising/PR/digital, technology, and professional service firms.



Mergers & Acquisitions

Often the most efficient way for you to monetize your business is to sell to an outside buyer or private equity group. If your company is ready, we know how to find qualified buyers, make a market, and negotiate on your behalf. And if it would make more sense for you to grow a little bigger first, we can help you build company value through strategic acquisitions and planning.


Exit & Succession Planning

How will you monetize your interests: sell to an outside buyer, partner with a private equity group, sell to employees via a management buy-out, form an ESOP, retain control and institute incentives for others to run the company? How do you structure a deal to assure that you get paid? What are the financing options? What's your company worth today for different types of buyers, and what could it be worth later? We'll help you answer these deceptively complex exit strategy questions.


Strategic Consulting

Whether high level strategic planning – like trying to figure out if an acquisition makes sense, or more tactical consulting – such as designing compensation plans to attract and retain the best employees, we’re always working backwards from the ultimate goal of optimizing how you monetize your business. This makes us different and makes your results very specific.

“After 25 years, I actively explored options for an exit. TobinLeff’s approach was the best I’d seen, thoughtful and comprehensive. They helped us maximize our return and protect our business interests in a way that resulted in a huge win for all involved.” – Larry Garfield

“The expert guidance and support given to me by David, Karl, and their team during our succession planning was absolutely invaluable. I truly don’t know how I would have done it without them. They are part of our company family now.” – Gail Cooksey

“My firm and I have greatly benefited from the smart counsel and innovative approaches from the team at TobinLeff. They bring practical, real-world experience as well as deep insights and analysis that have helped keep Reputation Partners at the forefront of the communications industry.” – Nick Kalm

“Working with The Tobin Group has been a transformational experience for us. It took the IDEA of our retirement and made it real. Now we have a concrete plan with real goals and expectations.” – Natalie Perkins

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At TobinLeff, our goal is to help you get as much out of your business as you can and enhance your net worth. That’s why we don’t come with a predetermined exit strategy. If the time is right and you want to sell, we’ll get it done. And if your exit is ten years away and there’s some strategic positioning that’s called for, we’ll do that, too. We have one focus and one focus only: Building and Monetizing Business Value. Contact us now. A profitable exit takes longer than you think.

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