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M&A Advisory Services to Increase Business Value
via Strategic Acquisitions & Acquihires

We all know how challenging it is to grow organically or fund productive sales representatives, so many clients turn to TobinLeff to help them grow through strategic acquisitions or acquihires. With our M&A advisory expertise and resources, we can identify and qualify target companies, perform valuations, structure offers, negotiate terms, and help you get deals closed. 

Options for Increasing Business Value

Our buy-side services are structured to complement your resources. Some clients have already identified a target acquisition and engage us to perform a valuation, craft the offer, and negotiate terms. Others ask us to handle the entire process from developing the acquisition plan to sourcing the target companies, structuring offers, coordinating with attorneys and CPAs, and supporting them through closing.

Wherever you are on this continuum – at either end or somewhere in the middle – TobinLeff has the experience and track record of results to help you build your company through strategic acquisitions.

How Acquihires Help Break Barriers to Business Growth and Talent Acquisition

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Acquihires–M&A Opportunities Before, During & After the Pandemic

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TobinLeff meets you where you are in your exit planning journey. You only get to sell your company once. Trust our exceptional, experienced, strategic team and wide network to maximize your exit payday. Contact us today to discuss your business options — or just to talk M&A. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and explore if we can add value to your plans.