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Craft an Exit Strategy

We started the TobinLeff journey in 2010 by providing consulting services related to exit and succession planning, and crafting exit strategies. This knowledge of exit planning options and solutions has served our clients well. 

Whether you are looking for consulting services to help answer strategic questions related to exit planning or you want to develop a formal exit strategy, TobinLeff has the experience to help. Here are some elements:


  • Crystallize your goals, desires and intentions.
  • Define the objectives of the plan.
  • Access your company's Value Drivers.
  • Estimate your company's current value for different types of transactions.
  • Access the pros, cons, and economics of different exit paths.
  • Determine if strategies need to be developed and put into action to enhance your company's value.
  • Determine if incentive plans should be instituted to help reward and retain key employees.
  • Have a "Plan B" framed to enable you to approach "Plan A" from a position of strength.
  • Develop an Action Plan.

Exit Strategy: Your M&A Roadmap


How can you know which way to turn if you don’t know your destination? TobinLeff’s exit planning consulting will bring you clarity and a roadmap for your exit pathway, whether your timeframe is “how about tomorrow?” or “not for 10 years.”

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TobinLeff meets you where you are in your exit planning journey. You only get to sell your company once. Trust our exceptional, experienced, strategic team and wide network to maximize your exit payday. Contact us today to discuss your business options — or just to talk M&A. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and explore if we can add value to your plans.