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TobinLeff offers you a team of ten M&A advisors, exit planning consultants, and research analysts who are passionate about helping business owners realize the rewards of their hard work. Our partners have owned and exited their own companies, worked with big-four accounting firms, and practiced business law. We have sat on your side of the table and will combine our business experience with deep M&A expertise to help you maximize and monetize your business value. 

Since our founding in 2010, TobinLeff has assisted more than 155 clients with M&A transactions and exit planning solutions. 


Founder and Managing Partner of TobinLeff, David is passionate about crafting and implementing plans for clients to convert business value into family wealth. He strives to help clients expand their view of possibilities, develop creative and sound solutions, and get deals closed.

David is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, grown, and crafted exit strategies for four companies of his own. [...]

In addition to founding, growing, and crafting exit strategies for his own four companies, David has worked with well over 100 companies to maximize and monetize business value.
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Scott has owned and run advertising, marketing, PR and video production shops. He has led mergers and sales of for-profit and nonprofit corporations, run and sold a family-owned bank, produced a national PBS documentary, was President of a Carnegie Mellon University spin-out technology company, ran a $1.3 billion trust and investment management company, and spent close to a decade [...]

Scott is not only successful in his M&A endeavors. He also produced a national PBS documentary, ran a $1.3 billion trust and investment management company, and worked on strategic plans and financial analyses for a decade at Robert Morris University.


Since 2003, Gregg has facilitated the sale of 220 businesses. In addition, he has sold seven companies that he started or bought, giving him both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective when facilitating client transactions.

Gregg prides himself on getting deals done while simplifying the process for clients. His results speak for themselves, with more than [...]

Gregg has facilitated the sale of 220 businesses, on top of selling the seven companies that he started or bought. This uniquely gives him both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective when facilitating client transactions.
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Holt has been in business since his teens. Starting with about two hundred dollars, he grew a consortium of multimedia, packaging, and marketing communications companies that included a spin-off brand providing organizational and strategic growth consulting, including exit and succession planning, for the faith-based industry. His production facility was honored in Mix Magazine’s prestigious Class of 2008 as one of the world’s hottest new [...]

Holt is a rockstar in both music and M&A. He started a business in his teens and then grew a consortium of marcom companies that sold in 2016, while also releasing multiple albums and leading a theology think tank.


Roy is a 30 year veteran of sales, advertising, public relations, and marketing communications. The agency he founded in 1995, Third Degree Advertising and Communications, returned an average of 33% per year through 25 years of operation. He exited the company in 2018 following a merger structured by TobinLeff.

A serial entrepreneur, Roy has been a partner or [...]

Roy is an author, entrepreneur, and certified Rhythm Systems Affiliate and Coach. He has received multiple honors for his work in advertising, business and recovery coaching.

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Chuck is a forward-thinking operations expert with a keen eye for growth. With experience both as an entrepreneur and as a corporate executive, he first brought his deep financial analysis skills to the TobinLeff team in 2018.

A practiced architect of business strategy and management, Chuck recently excelled in a turn-around situation as Chief Operating Officer of NanoLumens [...]

Having worked at a “big four” accounting firm, a tech startup, and family office, Chuck has been both an entrepreneur and corporate executive, with extensive involvement in all aspects of M&A transactions.


Mary applies the lessons of a 15 year career in law, corporate governance, and conflict resolution to help business owners build value, navigate negotiations, and develop deals that are built to last. 

She has significant experience working with individual business owners, family offices, and nonprofit organizations to craft effective succession plans and  [...]

Mary utilizes her extensive law background to help business owners build value, navigate negotiations, and develop deals that are built to last.
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Heather is a Senior Designer and Market Research Analyst with TobinLeff. She has over fifteen years experience working with small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies, designing award-winning B2B and B2C marketing materials. Her expertise includes extensive work in digital, print, packaging, publishing and web, as well as marcom plans and research. Heather believes well executed design, research, and communication are key to helping a business connect with its clients.


Hannah has been around content and communications her whole life, growing up working in her family’s marketing firm. Since then, she’s successfully navigated the marketing world. Working with retail brands, tech startups, nonprofits, and financial and M&A firms, she understands nuances across industries and tailors marketing and design strategies that specifically fit client needs.

She attended Lipscomb University in Nashville on a Presidential scholarship, graduating early [...]

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Kelly is a Research Analyst for TobinLeff. She graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in economics and received her MBA in finance from North Central College. She previously worked as a business analyst for Citi Residential Lending.

Kelly lives in Naperville, IL with her husband and two children.

TobinLeff meets you where you are in your exit planning journey. You only get to sell your company once. Trust our exceptional, experienced, strategic team and wide network to maximize your exit payday. Contact us today to discuss your business options — or just to talk M&A. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and explore if we can add value to your plans.