Natalie Perkins
CEO Clean, Inc., An Integrated Branding Agency

“Working with The Tobin Group has been a transformational experience for us. It took the IDEA of our retirement and made it real. Now we have a concrete plan with real goals and expectations.”

Roy Page
CEO Third Degree Advertising

“David and Scott helped us pull together a successful merger. Not only did they craft terms that were fair for both sides, their assistance integrating the two companies was very valuable.”

Nick Kalm
Founder and President, Reputation Partners, LLC

“My firm and I have greatly benefited from the smart counsel and innovative approaches from the team at TobinLeff. They bring practical, real-world experience as well as deep insights and analysis that have helped keep Reputation Partners at the forefront of the communications industry.”

Thomas Heiby
Past CEO, Frazier Heiby

“As an owner, retiring was a scary thought – completely unchartered territory. I knew I wanted to pursue retirement and that it would require insights with those knowledgeable of our industry, beyond accounting and legal counsel. Based on their vast experience, we hired TobinLeff to guide us through the murky waters, They provided us insights into areas such as pitfalls to avoid, an enhanced, robust financial planning model, employee retention and expanded stock ownership, all after a deep dive into our firm. In the end, the firm is continuing to prosper and I am happily enjoying retirement!”

Jan Gusich

“As the CEO of a 60-person marketing firm, I knew succession planning was important to the organization long-term sustainability; I even knew who my successor would be – but I had no idea how to begin or navigate the process. David and Karl walked me through a step-by-step strategy – from evaluating my company’s worth to developing an equitable and successful buy-out plan. I relied heavily on their detailed explanations to understand and develop a comfort level with every decision, document and number presented. The end result was a very smooth transition to a new owner, and the confidence to know that my agency, and my employees, are in the best possible position to succeed in the future.”

Mike Lieberman
CEO, Square 2 Marketing

“TobinLeff helped us create our acquisition strategy, process and system for a growth strategy that included finding, evaluating, and purchasing complimentary agencies. They showed us their system for valuation and helped us structure deals in a creative, revenue-centric way. They were a big help. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Gail Cooksey
President, Cooksey Communications

“The expert guidance and support given to me by David, Karl, and their team during our succession planning was absolutely invaluable. I truly don’t know how I would have done it without them. They are part of our company family now.”

Burkey Belser
President, Greenfield Belser

“The TobinLeff team is remarkable. High emotional intelligence which is critical in that dicey time when you are selling your life’s work. Everyone on our team—and there were a lot of us—was comfortable with their approach, the clarity of his explanations and the intelligence of his options. You absolutely, positively must have someone by your side who has your interests at heart but can develop consensus and bring the deal to a close.”

Larry Garfield
President & Founder, The Garfield Group

“After 25 years, I actively explored options for an exit. TobinLeff’s approach was the best I’d seen, thoughtful and comprehensive. They helped us maximize our return and protect our business interests in a way that resulted in a huge win for all involved.”

At TobinLeff, our goal is to help you get as much out of your business as you can and enhance your net worth. That’s why we don’t come with a predetermined exit strategy. If the time is right and you want to sell, we’ll get it done. And if your exit is ten years away and there’s some strategic positioning that’s called for, we’ll do that, too. We have one focus and one focus only: Building and Monetizing Business Value. Contact us now. A profitable exit takes longer than you think.

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