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Strategic Positioning for a Lucrative Exit Payday

Maybe you are already well prepared for your exit (whenever that may be) – your company value is where you want it to be, your financials are in order, you have key employee retention plans in place, and your team is on board for the process. If this describes you, congratulations!

If, however, you aren’t completely sure that you’re fully ready for this next step in your business journey, TobinLeff is here to help you evaluate your position and “stage” your company to maximize your purchase price.

Build Your Business Value Now

Many of our clients engage us years before their desired exit to help build enterprise value. We begin with TobinLeff’s proprietary Value Drivers Assessment Tool to profile your company’s strengths and weaknesses that will impact your multiple and price when it’s time to sell. With this analysis in place, we then develop a Blueprint to Build Enterprise Value and identify the “Winning Moves” and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to focus on. From then on, we’ll be with you every step of the way to put your plans into action so that you will be well prepared to positively answer the questions buyers will be asking you in the future.

Similar to staging a home for sale, we will prep your company for the selling process. This may include crystallizing your value proposition, designing phantom stock plans to motivate employees to stay through the sale or earn-out period, organizing and formatting financial statements and models, and identifying specific strategies to make you more attractive to buyers. By planning with the endgame in mind today, you will be best positioned for a lucrative exit payday tomorrow.

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TobinLeff meets you where you are in your exit planning journey. You only get to sell your company once. Trust our exceptional, experienced, strategic team and wide network to maximize your exit payday. Contact us today to discuss your business options — or just to talk M&A. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and explore if we can add value to your plans.