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M&A Advisory Services to Sell Your Company

You’ve built a terrific business; you deserve a terrific exit. So ask yourself, “Do I want to sell fast, or do I want to sell right?” At TobinLeff, we don’t start with predetermined answers; we start with strategic questions. Choosing the proper exit pathway and figuring out when to sell, how to go to market, and who will represent you are crucial decisions. The M&A advisory firm you select will have a meaningful impact on your net worth and well-being during the selling process. 

From the day you say go, through the tussles of due diligence, and all the way through closing and beyond, the TobinLeff team will be by your side and in the trenches -- focusing on outcomes, not transactions, and defending your value proposition at every step. No pressure, just support. We are committed to the philosophy that a deal is only right when you say it is.

Exit Options When You Sell Your Company


Our commitment is to find the exit pathway that’s right for you. Should you sell to a strategic buyer or a private equity group, sell to employees via a management buy-out, form an ESOP, or take another approach? We help you assess all of the viable exit options and how they fit your personal goals, then put plans into action to monetize your business interests based on the best path for you. At TobinLeff, we start with questions, not preconceived answers. We meet owners where they are so that we can help you get where you want to go.

How an M&A Advisor Helps Sell Your Company

If you decide to sell to a third party, our track record of bringing qualified buyers to the table, getting transactions closed on favorable terms, and crafting a deal structure that meets your needs will help boost the purchase price and the certainty that you get all your money. Our relationships, network, and extensive database of strategic buyers, private equity groups, and family offices will generate multiple offers to put you in a position of strength when we negotiate terms on your behalf. 

With our business and investment banking experience, we provide the information you need to make strategic exit planning decisions such as:

  • What is your company worth?
  • What exit pathway will you pursue?
  • Should you go to market with a set price or ask the market to put forth others?
  • Will the go-to-market strategy be a broad auction process, controlled auction process, or targeted to a select group of prospects?
  • Will you pursue opportunities that provide you with "two bites at the apple" with you retaining equity or receiving rollover equity?
  • What role, if any, will you play post-closing?

Signing a Letter of Intent is only the beginning. At TobinLeff, our specialists will be with you in every step of the process from the earliest discussions all the way through due diligence, closing, and beyond if needed. We have the resources and experience to handle the entire M&A process so you can stay focused on running your company. 

Despite what you may have heard, a successful sale process is neither quick nor simple – not if you want the optimal results. TobinLeff will be with you every step of the way, working to ensure your hard work results in added wealth for you and your family.

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TobinLeff meets you where you are in your exit planning journey. You only get to sell your company once. Trust our exceptional, experienced, strategic team and wide network to maximize your exit payday. Contact us today to discuss your business options — or just to talk M&A. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and explore if we can add value to your plans.