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Somebody Says They May Want to Buy My Business – What Do I Do Now?

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Selling Your Business: The Emotional Ride of Your (Business) Life

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Working Capital – The Under Looked Critical Component of M&A Transactions

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Understanding Synergies in M&A and How They Might Increase the Selling Price of Your Business

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To Sell or Not to Sell in 2021—Don’t Let the Tax Tail Wag the Dog

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2020 National Survey on Impact of COVID-19 on Marketing, Advertising, PR, Digital and Related Firms

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Preparing Your Financial Statements for a Sale of Your Company, Part II: Accuracy and Adjustments

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Preparing Your Financial Statements for a Sale of Your Company

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SBA Financing for Ownership Transitions in the COVID Era

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How Acquihires Help Break Barriers to Business Growth and Talent Acquisition

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Forget Mr. Rogers and Get Real About Your Agency’s Uniqueness

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12 Elements of Earn-Outs to Get M&A Deals Done on Your Terms

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What’s Your Business Really Worth?

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What Is an Exit Plan, and Why Do I Need One?

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10 Questions Buyers Will Ask (or be Thinking) When You Sell Your Business

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2018 National Survey on Building and Monetizing Marketing, Advertising, PR, Digital and Related Agencies

Results of National Agency Owners Survey

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Value Drivers to Increase Your Agency’s Value and Your Net Worth

Wondering how to convert your future exit into a bigger payday? This White Paper explains a core group of Value Driver principles and some specific strategic goals you can adopt today to increase the price you receive when you sell tomorrow.

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Why Agency Owners Deserve to Make a 20% Profit

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12 Keys to Profitable Acquisitions: A Buyer’s Guide for Buyers

Some pragmatic advice for agency owners thinking about increasing the value of their enterprises (and personal net worth) through acquisitions.

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At TobinLeff, our goal is to help you get as much out of your business as you can and enhance your net worth. That’s why we don’t come with a predetermined exit strategy. If the time is right and you want to sell, we’ll get it done. And if your exit is ten years away and there’s some strategic positioning that’s called for, we’ll do that, too. We have one focus and one focus only: Building and Monetizing Business Value. Contact us now. A profitable exit takes longer than you think.

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