Exit & Succession Planning

All good things must come to an end, and that includes your leadership of the business you’ve poured your heart and soul into these many years. Sometimes, that just means putting together a good sale to an outside buyer (see our Mergers & Acquisitions services for how TobinLeff can help you do that). But sometimes an outside sale isn’t the right answer.

Maybe you have partners or internal staff or family members to whom you want to transfer control. Maybe you don’t want to leave entirely but only scale back and institute incentives for others to run the business. Or maybe you’re not ready to walk away yet but want to put a plan in place that will let you go when you are ready on your terms and your timeframe. TobinLeff’s Exit & Succession Planning services are designed to help get you there.

A TobinLeff Exit Plan is a great place to start. We’ll get to know you and what’s important to you. We’ll learn what matters to you for your future (and maybe even help you find increased clarity on that topic, yourself). Then we’ll:

Whether your strategy is to allow current employees to buy-in, sell to existing partners, or form an ESOP… we’ve done it before, and TobinLeff can design and implement the plan that works.